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Re: What is "Aikido"?

Kent Enfield wrote:
Ki-ken-tai-itchi isn't just for strikes, either. It applies to even the smallest of movements during seme-ai. Now those movements are small at the tip of the sword, so they end up being absolutely tiny in the core of the body, but they're still (supposed to be) there. But that's the kind of stuff that distinguishes kodansha from the rest of us.
K-K-T-I applies to everything.
And I think the most fundamental mistake that's being propagated is that they allow the low level kids to think that its simply "timing" all that stuff together.
Kendo as a whole has lost any way to train the KKTI skill (which is the same skill Mike sigman has been talking about, the same skill that Takeda Soukaku, Ueshiba, Sagawa etc used), except maybe through Iai. And its a long ass process at best. There's faster and better ways, even within the context of tradition japanese training methods.

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