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Re: What is "Aikido"?

Hunter Lonsberry wrote:
There are plenty of waza, but most of the teachings seem to be based around movement of the arms/wrists and not the body behind it.
Not in any kendo I've seen.

It's all about the lower body. Yes, moving your wrists and arms is important, but that's because they're links between your feet and the sword. Comments along the lines of "you need to strike with your koshi" or "fight with your feet, not with your sword" are very common.

Do low level people (in kendo, that's sandan and below) do this very well? Of course not. But having everythinig work together, "ki ken tai itchi" as we say, is probably the most fundamental principal of kendo. That's why so much time is spent on things like coordinating the timing of the foot and the cut.

Ki-ken-tai-itchi isn't just for strikes, either. It applies to even the smallest of movements during seme-ai. Now those movements are small at the tip of the sword, so they end up being absolutely tiny in the core of the body, but they're still (supposed to be) there. But that's the kind of stuff that distinguishes kodansha from the rest of us.

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