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Smile Re: What is "Aikido"?

Robert John wrote:
I think Tim is correct, but ultimately application will depend on how the person trains.

Here's my take it:

The manipulation of internall pressures/tensions allow Kuzushi on contact and is VERY effective when using sword. I found that out the quick way by testing some stuff out with my friend whose done Iai/Kendo for 7+ years now.
I'd like to find some other people who practice kendo in such a fashion, while iaido trains in this way in a very minor fashion. There are plenty of waza, but most of the teachings seem to be based around movement of the arms/wrists and not the body behind it.

My posts to kendo forums about such things are met by confusion, which may be because of modern kendo's sport focus. If I test in the future, it will be interesting to see the judges reaction

I'm going to be training kendo from now on with these things in mind, even if I am less "aggressive" in my kendo.

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