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Re: What is "Aikido"?

Tim Fong wrote:
David: I don't know, I don't do any work with shinken. All my weapons work is single stick or knife, and I think that a two handed weapon might work differently. With single stick vs. single stick, if I move with "pressure" on the block/strike I've had my practice partners say, they feel it reverberate through their hand. I'm still figuring it out.

Ignatius: Okay. Join/combine/in accord with, you're right that's a better definition.

For Gernot: So the meaning of ΊΟ in Japanese is also the same? If so then why the heck have people been translating Aikido as the "Way of Harmony??"
What kind of stick work are you doing? (I just started kali)

As for people translating ... people have been mis-translating Japanese words/phrases for a long time. I've seen people talk about Aikido being love and peace and using their own definition of "love" and "peace". Whether it is right or wrong isn't the point, but rather the point is if they are doing that without researching or investing the time to get a basis for their ideas/translations/words. Then it might become a matter of right or wrong for that person's usage. Someone else might use the same words and mean something different.

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