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I am very strongly built and in fact I have not stopped training with heavy weights when I started Aikido 4 years ago (do not intend to ever stop training weights) . With the stracture of your average non-pro bodybuilder, people usually wonder how this solid mass of meat can be very flexible and very fast in executing all sorts of movements. My arms are particularly strong and so are my grips (I know I can break a wrist if I squeeze it with everything I ' ve got). BUT ...My teacher, on the contrary, is a lot shorter and I outweight him by almost 50 kilograms as he is very slim. Occasionally he either calls me up to demonstrate raw strength vs mind strength techniques or I intentionally give it all in a futile attempt to prove that some techniques might not work if uke is brutally strong. Never in this 2-year time period that he is my teacher have I managed to overpower him or even move him an inch from his standing point. Aikido works against all sorts of attack forms, no matter how strong or not strong they are. Do not hate the time you invested in Aikido although you seem to have a different point of view at the moment. Even if what you learnt in Aikido is of non-importance to you now, you can view it as an additional life experience at least. Whatever you additionaly learn is good!
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