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shadow wrote:
Well I'm sure this topic has been broached before but for the sake of someone not only new to this forum but also new to aikido I'd like to ask again.
I have recently started aikido, I'm in my fifth week of training now and really enjoying it.
My question is about the different styles....where I have started training it is iwama stlye aikido. I am just asking about what is the difference in stlyes and wether if you hold a grade in one...say 4th kyu, will it count again in the others? For example I am going to travel overseas soon (I am in australia) I am travelling to japan and I would not like to stop aikido for the period of time that I am away, so if I start at a dojo that practices a different style will I have to start again? is there much difference?

Thanks to anyone who helps me with this query

Welcome to Aikido.

My take is that:
1. Go where your responsibilities take you.
2. Once there, study in the dojo where you can learn the most.
3. Let the rules of rank and other crap sort themselves out.

Greg - studies Iwama style Aikido in the wilds of Alabama.

Greg Jennings
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