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Originally posted by Edward
By the way, try reading the 1st paragraph from this interview with Koichi Tohei Sensei.
I notice that Koichi Tohei says that he has never had anything to do with supernatural powers, even though he claimed to have cured appendicitis through laying on of hands in a seperate interview.

Further, the incident with the tree that he ridicules is recounted in Gozo Shioda's "Aikido Jinsei", but that was some years before Koichi Tohei even began Aikido, so there's no way he'd have first-hand knowledge of the event.

The Tomiki article talks a litte about religion, but nothing that I noticed about supernatural powers.

I any case, I think that my point is clear - for better or worse, certainly some of the uchi-deshi believed in M. Ueshiba's supernatural powers and made clear public statements to that effect.



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