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David Orange
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Re: What is "Aikido"?

Tim Fong wrote:
As to "what is" "I'd say, it's manipulating the feeling of pressure (i.e. ki) in your body, so that it pervades every joint. Then, on contact with your opponent, you "harmonize" by keeping your pressure, which means that as you make a structure to structure connection (say a wrist grab) your structure displaces that of your opponents, assuming you have a stronger structure than they do, or you find the weakest link in their structure and break them down in that direction.

David Orange wrote:
But since aiki comes from kenjutsu originally, how does that work sword-against-sword?
Really, the more appropriate question would be:

How does that relate to when you are unarmed and the attacker has a sword? Then the prime thing is to avoid the attack. How does the internal pressure idea facilitate avoidance of the sword strike?


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