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Re: What is "Aikido"?

Tim Fong wrote:
David: I don't know, I don't do any work with shinken. All my weapons work is single stick or knife, and I think that a two handed weapon might work differently.
Well, I mean the basic idea of aiki, at a distance, especially as in kenjutsu, where kuzushi is induced through movement with little or no contact, which is also what I was referring to with aikinage, or timing throws.

[qote=Tim Fong]For Gernot: So the meaning of ΊΟ in Japanese is also the same? If so then why the heck have people been translating Aikido as the "Way of Harmony??"[/quote]

The "harmony" aspect of the kanji for "ai" is seen on a number of levels. First is the three-part "triangle" at the top, which has to be balanced in form, and that sits atop the four-part "square" which has to be balanced in form. And the two parts have to balance one another. And this is a harmony of the parts. What is "harmony," after all, but balance of complementary parts?

The idea of "blending" is there, but "harmony" is not a bad correlate for "blending" and the "balance" it implies. For instance, "gouri" (balance principle) means "rationality," carrying some of the Greek connotations of "ratio" and "harmony" in balance. It means to think things through rationally. Its opposite is "muri" or "no reason," which implies senseless, irrational, unreasonable.

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