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Re: Video of Seichiro Endo Shihan

George S. Ledyard wrote:
Toby absolutely was able to teach what he was doing. I have been playing with it and can reproduce it.
Good. Next time you'll have to do me the favor of showing me.
Just as an aside... what I meant by "outflow of energy" was conscious attention. That's enough to draw out the movement. If one really tenses up and hunkers down, ones attention is largely inwardly focused and I don't think this type of aiki would serve to get the body moving. More drastic measures would have to be taken. I could be wrong.
Frankly, I've watched and seen people "hunker down" and if I want to move them it's never hard at all. Someone that is truly "immoveable" (I've met 2 people that could do it in a scarey way; I've met some other truly world-class experts that I could move easily) uses an active mode, not a passive mode. It's just that they're so good at it that you can discern nothing under the touch but an immoveability. Still, those things are at best just demonstrations of the "root" they're able to base their techniques and power-releases upon, IMO.


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