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Re: Video of Seichiro Endo Shihan

Christian Moses wrote:
No he made it quite clear what he was doing and how to reproduce it. He also offered several versions of nearly the same thing using different 'strategies'. I already knew a similar exercise (and I consider it an exercise, something that teaches you about how waza works rather than something that you could apply directly say in randori) so I found it relatively easy to reproduce. I brought it up as an example of what George was saying he had never experienced (ie moving him only when he was providing an outflow of energy).
Toby absolutely was able to teach what he was doing. I have been playing with it and can reproduce it. I have been redoing much of my technique to incorporate that same set of principles.

Just as an aside... what I meant by "outflow of energy" was conscious attention. That's enough to draw out the movement. If one really tenses up and hunkers down, ones attention is largely inwardly focused and I don't think this type of aiki would serve to get the body moving. More drastic measures would have to be taken. I could be wrong.

What I felt fromToby was that he had me moving before I could process what was happening and organize my structure. If I had already been locked up in my structure I think it wouldn't have worked the same way. At least that's the way I understand what the principles are. I'll ask him the next time I see him.

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