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Re: failed?

Don Magee wrote:
I don't belive you have to give up strenght to get power. You just have to set it aside. When I train in bjj I rarely use any muscle at all. I usually focus on using techniques that work against bigger stronger partners. However, when I compete, I will use both tools to my advantage. It is good to be both strong of muscle, and strong in coordination of mind, body and breath. This is why it really bothers me to hear someone tell someone to give up their strenght. I say no, keep it, build it and learn when it use it.
This is the theme of many of the shihan (Endo, Yamaguchi, Saotome, etc): don't do the waza with strength. Do it with timing, with position, with kokyu. But not muscular strength. Its not the same thing as saying we should be spineless blobs of jelly. Its the idea that when we relax the muscles a different kind of power comes into play. This bothers you?
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