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Re: Men and Women Training Together

Gernot Hassenpflug wrote:
"Ai-ki-dou" is pronounced "gou-ki-dou" in Chinese, and probably in Korean, helping to distinguish it from "hapkido" in the latter. The pronounciation "gou" is the chinese reading, while "ai" is the japanese. Of course, "gou" appears a lot in japanese compounds too.
The korean pronounciation of is hap ki do. The hanja is the same for both which has caused some problems for the Korea Aikido Federation when spelling out its name in the Hanja. It's identical to the Korea Hapkido Federation!

By the way, if you looked up this character in a chinese dictionary you'd find that it does not translate as harmony....
The chinese definition if I remember correctly as I did this a long time ago, is more akin to integration rather than harmonization. And basically, the character is generally not used by the chinese to indicate harmony as I've been told by a few native Chinese speakers, "we wouldn't even think of using that character for "harmony", we'd use this other one", but I can't remember which one they said.
I actually like the term integration, but the idea of harmony I believe suites the philosophy and thinking about the era Aikido was introduced to the west (60's & 70's) it was probably not a literal translation effort...

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