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Well.... erhhh.. yes! .... and.... erhhh No ?

Hi' Damien!

Since I'm also a kind of a newbee in Aikido (aren't we all ?) I might not be the most qualified to answer but I'm vain enough to think I might be of a little help to you.

From what I have read and found out by talking to people from my style and other styles can be put as simple as this: The better you get, the less you will notice difference between the styles.

In you case I think you should do your best to find a dojo that match your needs and pay less attention to style and grading. You might find a bad dojo in your style where you will learn very little and feel bad about training - and you might find a dojo in another style where you will learn a lot and make great friends.

If you want to study the different styles a little more you might like to take a look at this page: and go from there.

If I can do anything else to help you - please don't hesitate to ask. BTW:

Best of luck

- Jørgen Jakob Friis

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