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Re: Video of Seichiro Endo Shihan

Christian Moses wrote:
So how would you describe the settling exercise that Toby did on you at his last seminar in Seattle, where he invited you up with the only instruction being to resist him, then placed his hand on your chest and slowly, slowly you sank back and fell over? Then he did it again after you knew what was coming. (Doncha hate that!) I know what the technique flet like when he did it on me, and know that I was not cooperating with the practice. I was trying to stay upright just as you did, just as Kevin did... (darn him, doesn't he know that it's all us aiki-folk that are supposed to be subtle!)
What's bothersome to me is that this is just another example of the forces George, Rich Moore, and I discussed in Glenwood and it's as easy to negate as it is to apply to someone who doesn't know the trick.... but are you saying that Toby *demonstrated* this but he didn't show you how to do it? I'm curious about this.


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