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Originally posted by Jonathan
So, are men like Mochizuki and Shioda sensei somehow more gullible than those of us more distant from the events these men call supernatural? Are they unreliable eye-witnesses, or just foolishly predisposed by their uchi-deshi relationship to O-sensei to view his martial feats as supernatural? Doesn't their own high degree of martial skill make them better able to distinguish excellent technique from something beyond? Hmmm....
Check out how often scientists get fooled and scientists are held, theoretically, to a much higher standard than folks in the martial arts. Very often, it's those who are the closest that get fooled the worst and it's usually because they are also the one's who most want to believe.

So, to my way of thinking, in regards to O'Sensei having super-powers I think they are highly unreliable observers.
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