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Re: Video of Seichiro Endo Shihan

Hi, I saw this thread and had no particular reaction, but until George Ledyard's post, I thought it was notable that the discussion didn't seem to get into individual values, aesthetics, definitions/conceptions e.g., of kuzushi, (of Sczepan's I could only guess at if I had any inclination). I had no idea what the sensibilities were behind the original post that seemed to pique so many people, but I did see that no one asked him why he thought what he did. (I get that such a line of questioning reflects my own interest.)
In any case, my own topic of study has been centered on not being felt by the opponent, and I am momentarily intrigued by what folks think when they don't have the opportunity to feel a practitioner who is apparently "making" the uke do goofy-looking things.
My battery is about to run out, so...
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