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Originally posted by Edward

I think the latest generation of Uchi deshi, notably the "American" shihans (since most ended up in the USA) did not believe much in Osensei's supernatural powers. Saito Sensei as well.

Technically speaking, there were no uchi-deshi after the war, including Morihiro Saito (this according to K. Ueshiba). Checking back in "Aikido Ichiro", I see that the two people who cited M. Ueshiba's "psychic powers" were Mochizuki and Kamada, two big names at the Kobukan. Add in Gozo Shioda and you have three of the major uchi-deshi giving out stories of personally witnessing super-human type powers.

Believe it or not, as you like. Me, I don't credit the events to supernatural powers, but it's clear to me that at least some of M. Ueshiba's uchi-deshi certainly did.



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