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Originally posted by Edward
According to the Uchi-Deshi, Osensei was an exceptional man, but NORMAL. He was obsessed with Aikido and wanted to practice day and night. None of them witnessed any of the exploits that we read every where. The problem is that he himself believed that he had supernatural powers.

However, I think repeating this stuff does to his memory more damage than good.

In "Aikido Ichiro" there's a section where a few of the pre-war uchideshi talk about their experiences with M. Ueshiba's psychic powers. Sounded to me like they, at least, believed it, so I suppose it would depend on which uchi-deshi you talked to. Gozo Shioda himself claimed to have witnessed M. Ueshiba dodging bullets. Now, I don't particularly believe in the super-human powers that have sometimes been attributed to him, but it's clear to me that at least some of his long time personal students did.



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