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Re: Internet visible classes

To go further on this issue, I do understand the perspectives of those who make a living at the art. I unfortunately do not. We are a small school and I'm happy to pay the light bill.

However, there are many advantages from my perspective. For one, I can have a student of mine call or e-mail me to ask to cover a specific topic or area and I can do so. One is two hours away and the other about 8. The other advantage I see would be the capability from the other end of video testing real time. An instructor could set the same thing up on their end and I could watch the test. It is not great but at least I will know how they are doing testing.

I'm just throwing this out for ideas and thought others might be interested. I definitely understand the issues involved. I'm not high enough ranked to be selling my stuff anyway (: . Perhaps some day.

The camera is set up to record to the hard drive so I can download specifics to edit for instructional DVDs for my students. I doubt seriously many will be sitting down to watch me perform 5 days a week. I'm not that exciting. We work incessantly on kihon waza-although every now and then I get fancy. My students, however, are more likely to do so, especially the remote ones. It is also set up so that the focus is on the teaching area. Those who don't want to be on camera can train in a non-visible area.
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