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Re: Video of Seichiro Endo Shihan

Peter A Goldsbury wrote:
For what it's worth, when I came to Japan, Chiba Sensei gave me some advice on how to deal with training in the Hombu. Of course, he could not tell me not to train with any of the instructors on the roster, but he did recommend that I train especially with certain Hombu shihan. These shihans were Yamaguchi, Arikawa, Tada (and, of course, people from outside Tokyo like Shirata and Saito, whenever they were in the Hombu). I did.

I suppose that Chiba (along with the late shihans M Saito and S Arikawa) is a foremost exponent within the Aikikai of a hard, martial, non-collusive style of aikido. So I find it interesting that he would recommend to you a Hombu teacher whose style is so diammetrically opposed to his own. That he would recommend Arikawa, Shirata and Saito seems to be more in keeping with his own kind of waza. Did Chiba ever say to you if Yamaguchi ever had any influence on his own aikido?

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