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Re: Men and Women Training Together

David Skaggs wrote:
Then what do you think the Ai in Aikido means?

" The word "aikido" is made up of three Japanese characters: AI - harmony,..."
Sorry about the jacked up spelling job.
Maybe it is the case that ai translates to harmony, either directly or indirectly, I dont know for I don't speak Japanese. What I do know is that noone in the aikido world has ever given me a clear definition of the word harmony, insofar as it relates to some philosophical underpinnings that are supposed to exist within the 'aikido framework'. Who's idea of harmony do we use? We cant use Usheiba's he is dead, therefore we cannot interrogate him about it. Given that there are going to be as many different ideas of what harmony is "supposed" to mean as there are aikidoka I do not think this is an appropriate way to try to "define" aikido as such.
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