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In addition to what has been posted by u guys. I have posted a while back in another thread about RANDORI in w/c i have pointed out that it's much better to do it in a more realistic manner rather than the usual.As i have observed
how u train inside the Dojo reflects on the way u handle things in reality. Example on this is on training in a Martial Art that is Aggressive in nature. The student somehow shows that aggressiveness in and out of the Dojo.Just like an AIKIDO student being trained in a Non-Aggressive nature inside the Dojo tends to bring that Non-Aggressiveness outside w/ him. And that's how we've been training now for the past 8 yrs. during every Randori.And believe me it's very effective. Had a student who escaped a life threatining situation thanks to the realistic way of doing the Randori.
But still safety is being observed . As for the most reliable techniques during an actual situation, i'd say it differs for every student coz each one of us has his/her own characteristic. This particular technique could be very handy w/ u but hard for others or the other way around. Regardless of what technique that suits u , always remember the faster u get rid of ur opponent the better specially if it's more than one attacker.

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