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Re: George Ledyard Sensei in San Antonio Oct. 13-15, 2006

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Posted 2006-09-22 18:14:00 by Michael Young
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George Ledyard Sensei, 6th dan Aikikai, will teach a seminar at Alamo City Aikido in San Antonio, Tx October 13th-15th, 2006. This is our 3rd year to host Ledyard Sensei, and we are excited to host him at our dojo again. Ledyard Sensei is a long-time student of Mitsugi Saotome Sensei and a great instructor in his own right. He is a frequent contributor to AikiWeb, writing often in both the Forums and Columns sections. He has a strong understanding of Aikido's advanced principles, and a systematic and understandable way of teaching highly complex Aikido concepts. All styles and affiliations are invited to attend, see our website for details:

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Why is the notion that in Aikido we get off the line of attack wrong?
How does one actually do an irimi without the attacker being able to track him? How is the essence of Irimi contained in rotation? Why every technique must have "irimi"? How does the placement of one's attention change ones sense of time?

These issues and many more will be covered in this seminar. In my travels around I find this area to be one of the least well understood. Many people with some experience have a substantial repertoire of techniques which they can't actually do because they really cannot do their entry against a committed attack. We'll show how people can train smarter without having to train more severely so that they can develop good entries against committed attack. It should be fun and I think folks will find it useful.

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