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Re: Video of Seichiro Endo Shihan

The way I see it is that training is just that, training. And demos are to me training. Given that each person should have some specific technical points that they are training in every movement they make, then observing these technical points will be the training. If these points are neglected, then the training stops and becomes something else - but can perhaps in hindsight be used to improve training. Reinforcing and improving of technical points is needs be artificial, but that is what training means. It implies a set of technical criteria to adhere to, to evaluate against, and to reproduce. In that training is nothing but scientific. The major problem seems to be that the technical criteria are elusive - either not well explained and transmitted (purposely or otherwise), or replaced by non-technical criteria. In my opinion, if the technical criteria are known, then men and women can train together better (the degree of "violence" is in general limited more so than between different sizes of males), since the technically more adept person can almost always adapt to work at his or her limits by making their posture more difficult, for example, working from a more disadvantageous position, or by lowering further while still endeavouring to keep the same joined heaven-earth-man structure. In my experience, women need to be taught how to put more power into/out of their often quite good structure, while men need to be shown how to lay off the power and instead first learn more about how to obtain correct structure.

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