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Re: Video of Seichiro Endo Shihan

If I may, working a bit off of what Charles has said... That stopping thingy - yes indeed, one should wonder exactly what is going on there. I put that very much in the same book as the running around thingy. One has to wonder about these things as one is using them to learn something - especially as one is using them to learn something. Sort of echoing Ron: If we just accept them for what they give us, or because they give us something, in time, these things will end up taking more than they ever could offer. I fear this is the case for many kinds of Aikido all over the world - my opinion. For example, sure, it's easy to say something like the following when it comes to the stopping thing: "Well, one is participating in a two man form, and each person has their role to learn - including uke," etc. However, all too often, the whole thing goes unquestioned, and as a result you tend to get two things that are quite risky to live with when it comes to training in an art like Aikido. First, you get a blanket rejection of training than involves continuous movement. This is risky because both spiritual and martial realities are about constant movement - i.e. constant change. For many reasons, for me, one can definitely consider there to be more falsehood in technical environments that start and stop than in those that seek to constantly keep moving (which is not to say that there are never problems with the latter). Second, you start accepting stopping points that have nothing to do with the original/accepted reason for allowing stopping. A good example of this is how Yokomen-uchi is often stopped in a clash just so Nage can clear that hand by and enter to the back of Uke (e.g. prior to Irimi Nage from Tenkan). As a member of the "stopping" lineage, I have to admit that finding the continuous movement, WITHOUT bringing in a whole mess of the usual baggage that usually goes with continuous movement training environments, as been a real goal of mine. I'm not sure that this lives up to Ron said, but I would like to think it's a start in that direction.

Nice post Ron.


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