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Mike Collins
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Re: Article: Writing? Why the Hell Would I? by "The Grindstone"

Lotsa nice things said. Thanks. Ron, I managed to watch you at the first Aiki Expo seminar however many years ago that was. I enjoyed getting grabbed by the senior Yoshinkan guy (sorry, Nouri Sensei?, I've forgotten just now), and had a great time being worked by him, he saw how much trouble I had with trying to keep speed or tactics with Yoshinkan folks, never was all that smart, but he had no trouble with me. And felt more like my teacher than as what felt sticky to me from normal folks.

Thanks Texas boys, I hope you guys have a good time with The Boss (Kato Sensei) after next weekend, where I get a chance to say hello and at least watch a seminar in parts.

As I've said, there's still much conflict to go through. No quit for quite a while. Thanks to those I don't know.

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