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Re: Do you remember your first time?

Luc, don't get me wrong. It does not have to do with being harsh although yes, after 4 years I am a beginner too and must admit that I still know nothing. It probably has to do with the open sea of information and experience that lies ahead of us.
My first sensei said that up untill the black belt aikidokas seem to be trying to learn the alphabet. After the first Dan do they seem able to start making words. Rumour has it that it is not before the 5 Dan that one is able to make compositions and speek freely in Aikido language. My current sensei admits that the step from Dan 4 to Dan 5 is a huge one and 'manageable' control on situations begins at this era.
Patience, controling situations better will become obvious in many aspects of your life as years pass by and you will probably notice that in real life long before it appears in the dojo practice.
Be well.
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