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Re: Video of Seichiro Endo Shihan

Ron Tisdale wrote:
I have to disagree with Mr. S here,
oooouuuffff!!!! fortunatly, otherwise aikiweb would become very boring place

The things I liked about this video are the strength of connection between shite and uke,
Nice stuff isn't it?
Unfortunately all this is artificial. This connection is created only by uke That's why a magic like changing distance, changing timing, flow of movements etc are possible to realize.

Breaking balance is done by anticipating uke. Have you seen any situation where uke was surprised? -- of course not. See, this is a key for observation. No surprise, so uke can anticipate in positive way, but also can make counter or simply block a technique. . No surprise, so nage can't break balance for real. Take a look at Shioda sensei demo, his EVERY movement was a surprise to his uke.

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