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Re: Video of Seichiro Endo Shihan

Dennis Hooker wrote:
Or maybe the uke weren't that good, maybe he was. Damn that would screw up the hypotheses.
Dennis, everybody knows very well that aikido in Japan is very different from aikido in Nord America. In Japan, the most important goal for uke is to be in perfect harmony with nage. It is not my imagination, it is simply true -- ask anybody who's been long enough in Hombu aikikai. That's is one of reasons they don't like Iwama aikido, cos Iwama uke has completly different role to play.

In the other hand, I'm sure, those uke are able to be heavy -- everybody who train long enough know how to be heavy but flexible. BUT!!! not during official demo with a shihan. During such demo they will harmonise with him perfectly.

So yes, if such good uke wants to harmonise with me perfectly, I can do also very impressive demo. Any shodan will do it and many of 1-2 kyu students either. The reason is simple -- such premise creates pure illusion, that has nothing to do with real skills, and more generaly, with aikido.


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