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Re: Do you remember your first time?

I've only been training a bit over a year. There have been a small handful of times where I have done a technique and felt virtually nothing, the uke and other students will just react with a "WHOA-HO! That was GREAT!" and I just feel like "What? Are you joking? Nothing happened. I didn't do anything - uke just fell over before I barely touched him."

But to uke and the observers I did do something.. I'd like to think I had a moment of Aikido-coolness, but I have to admit, I'm skeptical!

I'm still trying to figure it all out.. I probably annoy all my ukes with my constant "Are you feeling that?!" because I can't tell if my uke is just plopping over or whether I'm doing it right. I think sometimes it's the former, and sometimes it's the latter.

I feel like I learn much more from being uke, because that's the only time I feel what's going on. I'd be interested to know how more experienced people are able to *know* they are doing it right when you get that feeling that uke just willingly crumbled to the mat even if they didn't.

There's no cooler feeling to me than being the recepient of a really well-done Aikido technique. Now that I'm a little less flinchy and sometimes manage to give people some sincere energy as uke, I love going for that "ride".
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