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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Video of Seichiro Endo Shihan

The thing about differences in style can be very confusing. It's extremely rare (in my limited experience) to see someone proficient (or even appreciative) of styles as divergent as what you see here, and what you might see in a Chiba Shihan or Kanai Shihan video. As Mr. S. once remarked, each teacher is working on building up specific things from the start, to get to a certain place. Take one piece out, and you risk the whole tower falling.

Unless you can open your mind to the totality of what is being accomplished, you won't get inside what is happening in videos like this, especially if you are from a totally different tradition (aiki-budo-ites like myself will have an especially hard time). One more reason to get on the mat and take the ukemi for yourself (ala Don Modesto). After you finish shooting your wad and getting smashed by these instructors, you can then get down to learning what they have to teach. Maybe...


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