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Re: Article: I Shouldn't Have to Do This by Ross Robertson

I remember a weekend aikido retreat on Tokashiki island. We were at the community center dojo and had been training for a little while when sensei began to look thoughtful and then started running out the door and up the road. We all looked at one another as we didn't quite know how to react, but we started running after him. We ran and ran and ran. I don't know how far we ran or for how long but I remember it was further than I would have done had he not been leading us. I thought he would never stop. Sensei finally did stop and waited for all of his students to catch up. Some of them had to walk the final distance but we all made it. Sensei, had just run all of us into the ground. We were exhausted, though it didn't seem to have much effect on him. After everybody arrived at the 'finish line,' sensei led us on a relaxed walk back to the dojo. I'll never forget that.
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