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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Video of Seichiro Endo Shihan

I have to disagree with Mr. S here, though I should also state that as much as I'd like to see his own video, that doesn't necessarily detract from his stated position. Of course, his gruffness (as always) will tend to snarfle others... .

The things I liked about this video are the strength of connection between shite and uke, the carefull management of ma ai by shite, the precision of shite's posture, and the clear application of power into uke by shite. True to one of the halmarks of the lineage, you can see the uke doing their best to maintain their posture and physical integrity, while keeping a low center. The result is a nice 'tension' between uke and shite with very little or no slack in the relationship, which is a good conduit for the power in throws like the ganmen tsuki at 1:16, and the sumi otoshi / koshinage shown at 1:20. Uke is constantly being stretched out, and kept on the edge of their balance...what often looks like following often occurs because they are at the edge of their balance and postural integrity.

While some may find that this type of keiko is not as martial as they might like, I personally have never been able to take advantage of any percieved openings when training with people like Kirisawa Sensei in the Yamaguchi lineage (he's only 5th or 6th dan, so I'm not even dreaming about being able to compromise Endo Shihan). And even when I came at him full power...I just had to take a harder fall.


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