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Do you remember your first time?

It took me 11 months to see my first glimpse of light; and it was wonderful.

Tonight, i felt the true power of Aikido flowing through my body.

yes, i know: 11 months isn't considered anything more than your first baby step. 11 months is nothing. but when you try and show up as much as you can, making mistake after mistake, trying to get some sort of bearing, it's a wonderful feeling when something finally goes right.

it was irimi nage. simple technique, nothing we all haven't done a thousand times. but for the first time tonight, i manipulated someone twice my size like he was a feather. i felt like i had all the power in the world, like i just fired a gun for the first time.

i've always read about connecting, welcoming an attack, loving your enemy, and good timing, but when they all click together for the first time, it was one of the most empowering experiences i've ever felt.

do you guys remember the first time you were in complete control of someone? when it finally started to click? how did you feel?
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