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Re: What is Weight Transfer(Taijuuidou)??

Erick Mead wrote:
The six direction "linear" forces model has gravity and your upright resistance support, that's two directions. Plus it has left and right -- forward and back, all of which can only be created statically by moment lever action of friction against the same ground. Kiba-dachi, kokutsu-dachi and zenkutsu dachi are examples of "braced" postures against the ground, (which BTW have extremely limited hip sway).
Good... you're thinking about it, but you're not there yet.
You maintain your bipedal balance by oscillating and active dampening a spring-loaded double universal joint at the center of this pole. Because it is spring loaded and muscle actuated you can wobble this thing back and forth quite fast over a very small radius. You learn as child to make this oscillation dampening very very small, and its frequency therefore very high. We are looking for angular momentum and kinetic energy is proportional to the mass but the square of the velocity, thus high frequency oscillations give a suprisingly large angular moment to use.
Well, I said an incremental analysis using simple vector forces would work and I know how to generate pretty good power with what I do... I'll simply say that I don't need no steenkin' oscillations in my analysis once more and let it go.

Here's the way we settle this: Tell me how you develop enough power to throw someone away through the air by using your oscillations, yet don't move. How does your body physically do this? What are the mechanisms? It's your theory, let's look into it a bit deeper.

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