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Re: Use of Japanese terminology...

Sorry but I don't buy that argument. I used to think the same until I realised that there is huge amounts of confusion as to what different techniques are called from school to school. And most english speaking practitioners will never train outside of an english speaking school.

I wonder if the question itself isn't flawed. "Do we need to use Japanese terms" - the question is do we need to in order to accomplish....what? Learning Aikido? Well what's important about learning Aikido is different to different practitioners, and therefore the answer will be different.

Use of Japanese terms is absolutely unnecessary to transmit the physical techniques of Aikido. But then so is the wearing of hakama, bowing, a ranking system etc etc. Much of what people *enjoy* about Aikido is the cultural aspect. So for those people, yes the language aspect will be important. For many others - not so much ,<shrug>

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