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Re: What is Weight Transfer(Taijuuidou)??

Ignatius Teo wrote:
Whilst the physics of gyrodynamics has been most edifying, I am reminded by the words my sempai said to me when I first started teaching - "Simplify it"....
As Pascal or Jefferson are variously reputed to have said " I had not the time to make it shorter." Working on it, though. Most likely FAR, FAR longer than a Pascal or a Jefferson ...

In dealing with something as seemingly simple and basic as "weight transfer," I remember that it took several million years to bring about our particular form of bipedalism. It is only the second time it has independently evolved as a form of locomotion. It is therefore, by no means, very easily simplified. We easily assume so because we all do it without thinking about it. A little aikido traininng quickly cured me of that notion.

That I am still toying with the problem years later is some indication of its knottiness. Well, I am probably a bad example there, but everyone here is still tinkering with it too, so let that be our guide, shall we?

It takes a new human being some three or so years of constant daily training just to master its basics. And yet once that is learned, and after only a couple more years practice, it takes only a few days or weeks to master the classical gyrodnyamics of the bicycle. There is clearly a relationship between them in the way our stability system works, if it were not so it should take much longer to learn an utterly new form of stabilization and weight transfer.

But as I said, wabi is my ultimate thematic ideal, like cha no yu and its teacup -- but that is its last refinement. Meanwhile, I am dealing with all the mud flying off the potter's wheel, smearing my apron and all the spilt glaze running over the floor...


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