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I really dont want to get into a flame war over impossible feats because Ive seen to many flame wars on the net and wanna live with spiritural and intellecual and netectuall hamony ( if there is such thing).

Anyhow sure I see exactly how all the things that is claimed that O-Sensei is fraud. but he did one really incredible thing he founded Aikido ... but some things you learn at the dojo are "immpossible" to the untrained ( like for me spelling. you learn the unbendble arm. Ive had highschool varsity football players try to bend by arm and I can barely bench 110 pounds. Im a weakling and they cant bend my arm no matter how much bulk they have. thats incredble! also you learn how to do the unlifitble body, thats to do with centerness but you can be 85 pounds and incredbly centered and a body builder cant lift you! the point is that some of the Mystisim is really very rational, and logic. think chemistry back then your teacher would mix white liquid with another different white liquid and it would turn yellow! or he would take a copper string and mix it with silver nitrate and crystles would grow! a lot of science to the untrained is also unbelieveble. in my opnion spirtual and science studys studied together because they contemplate each other so well. the average person dosent think so but science getting very closly related to Religion.

Dallas Adolphsen
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