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Re: Aikido minus mysticism: a step forward

Let me translate:

Hey Aikido people! I'm involved in Judo and jujitsu etc., and I really get a kick out of the physical and technical aspect of martial arts. I'm curious about what else there is to it, and would like to learn more about Aikido, but I don't have the maturity to come onto a message board and ask friendly questions.

Instead, I'm going to define a very limited explanation of Aikido, its purpose, and function, and challenge all of you to 'throw me' from my position. As each of you tries to loosen my close-minded grip on the situation, I will clench even tighter, shouting, "no it's not!" "see, it's coercion! ha, I win!"

That's nice RED BEETLE. You're right about EVERYTHING, now, tell us, why are you frustrated by concepts such as ki, bowing, and meditation? What is the event in your life that made you turn against these things? Or perhaps, tell us more about your philosophy, and why you feel a need to block and reject these.

tada! I just performed Aikido.
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