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Thanks for your replies to my question. I, too, am not disposed to taking a thing at face value, Arianah. I certainly don't assume that every story I've heard about O-sensei is true. However, there are some amazing instances concerning him that are shared by fairly credible sources: eye-witnesses, actual particpants, or legitimate biographers. I know that stories sometimes balloon into mythology, but I am not willing because this is true to assume that all of O-sensei's amazing feats are bunk.

As well, I think it is myopic of anyone to suggest that all extraordinary skills attributed to O-sensei can be reduced to mere physics. There is too much that is unknown to say this unequivocally -- or even confidently. Besides, I have video footage of him doing things that exceed the bounds of physics.

Anyway, I am not in need of a heroic role model and I'm not in search of a missing spiritual dimension to my life (thanks all the same, Ghostfox). I just wondered about what the possibilities might be regarding the unusual man we call O-sensei.

"Iron sharpens iron; so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend."
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