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Dan Hover
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Re: Poll: Is regularly training at multiple aikido dojo beneficial to experienced aikido practitioners?

Craig Hocker wrote:
actually the basic unifying principle that connects aikido techniques is Ki. .

Not really, as look at Tomiki Aikido, Ki is somewhat downplayed as in Yoshinkan Aikido as well. Ki is also somewhat indefinable and yet individually definable. So to say that the basic unifying principle that connects aikido is Ki. Is really saying In YOUR opinion that is what connects. clearly coming from a Ki related ryu, your statement is biased towards your training style, which is the point of cross training to begin with. Not really to take various dojo and fit them into your schema, but to see how perhaps their way can fit you. And what if I don't believe in Ki? Is there then no unifying principle of say Shoji Nishio and Mitsugi Saotome?

Dan Hover

of course that's my opinion, I could be wrong
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