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Full speed practice for 1st time....

Some guy over at a friends house kept on bugging me to "show him aikido" I dont brag, and I dont boast about claiming to really have an understanding of the art, but he wanted to see aikido, so I showed him. At first I just showed him the unbendable arm, and my forward/backward rolls, but he was pretty much begging to be thrown. Anyways, I ended up being able show him quite a few techniqes from the same hand wrist grab, and suprisingly enough, at full speed with no pause in between his grabbing and my reaction. And the weirdest far he went flying, compared to the amount of force I was applying. Looks like aikido really DOES work....hahaha. Oh, and also, sometimes he would end up getting completly flipped over in midair when I would do a technique that in practice just results in a slam to the ground....Most of the time he would hit the ground so hard that I freaked out asking him if he was ok..........sigh

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