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Re: Poll: Is regularly training at multiple aikido dojo beneficial to experienced aikido practitioners?

actually the basic unifying principle that connects aikido techniques is Ki. Once you understand that, mechanical differences like training to put your foot here rather than there isn't terribly useful. It is useful to understand any assumptions in the role uke may be playing in your kihon waza, but I hope it isn't necessary to go to another school to learn that.

I suspect that cross training has actually increased in last 10-15 years in so far for those who are interested have a much easier time finding independent information about other groups with the growth of the internet.

Exposure to cross training is probably most useful for intermediate students, not unlike studying a foreign language helps you rexamine the structure of your native tongue.

Not useful for beginners who should have already shopped around and should be concentrating on building up their foundation.

For advanced students, well I personally find it less and less interesting unless it adds something to my toolkit that fits into my aikido. Doesn't mean I can't appreciate what they are doing, but if I already have good solutions which I am refining and deepening my understanding of it's unlikely to be worth my time and money. If I cross train now, it's either with teachers I am interested in that I feel are in some way further along the path I have chosen or excellent teachers of other martial arts that might give me a more well rounded understanding of my own art. Unfortunately, those opportunities usually aren't local.

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