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Mike Sigman
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Re: What is Weight Transfer(Taijuuidou)??

Erick Mead wrote:
I always lift my arm using the hara, and so do you and so does everyone else. The arm rotating against gravity creates rotational moment against the body, which I instinctively counter with a nearly instantaneous and imperceptible shift of my center to make it do work. Hence, my thoughts about the method of virtual work.
The problem with this approach, in my opinion, is that you are not making any distinction related to "sinking the qi". If the force origins, which you neglect to mention, are the same for all movements in your mechanical schema, then I think you're missing the essence of what is actually happening. I guess what I'm saying is that this is a fairly complex and radically different system of movement and you're not saying anything that meaningfully differentiates it from normal movement.

Generally speaking, someone lifting their arm uses mechanical attachment and forces based from the shoulder joint. Of course, it goes without saying that the shoulder is not totally isolated from the hara, so there are pulleys and levers, etc., working in conjunction with the muscles of the middle and lower back, etc., etc. However using exactly the same setup of connections, pulleys, and levers, but sourcing the arm-lift as an upward push from the locus of the "hara" gives radically different values in the operation of the connections, pulleys, and levers... if you see what I mean. Then, and worse yet, if you introduce a "connection" that works to connect the apparatus in a way it was not connected before (i.e., an extraneous variable), it's simply a different way of movement entirely, regardless of any discussion about gyro-dynamics, joints around an axis, etc.

And actually, what I just said is basically what happens. Your point about gyrodynamics is an attempt to explain a phenomenon of strategy and it's not a bad attempt, but I think it misses something essential by not taking into account the factors that I mentioned.
A vector without magnitude (or infinitesimal magnitude, or even mere potential) still has orientation that describes the force system or field in play. An electromagnetic field is clearly oriented and perceptible even if there is zero magnitude of current flow.
Let me know when you measure a zero-force vector or a non-electron-flow emf so that we know in reality, not in theory, what the direction/orientation is.

In reality, there is no such thing a "stillness in motion" that doesn't use forces, Erick.


Mike Sigman
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