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Question QUESTIONS...

Originally posted by Don_Modesto
dm: What does "shihan" mean in real-world terms? (How does it change a person who could already call himself/herself "sensei"?
KAMI : That question should be asked of the Aikikai since it was that organization who created the 3 teaching licenses (Fukushidoin, Shidoin and Shihan). By the way, Shihan is not exactly connected with the old meaning of that term (Exemplar Master)but, as I said, is just the name of one of 3 teaching licenses, created by the Aikikai. I'm sure they will answer you if you ask them in real-world terms.
Anyway, the question has little importance for non-aikikai practitioners. And the Yoshinkai, for instance, has long ago given the Shihan title for a non-japanese (Amos Parker Sensei).

Originally posted by Don_Modesto
dm: Who is SSS?
KAMI : Steven Seagal Sensei, as Arianah correctly surmised.

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