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Dan Hover
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Re: Poll: Is regularly training at multiple aikido dojo beneficial to experienced aikido practitioners?

I said yes to both this question and re: beginners. Essentially when you think about it a) unless you have the same instructor for every class, you kind of are going to a different dojo each night and b) are you studying the Art of Aikido or one person's interpetation of that art? Like what was mentioned before regarding giving it a greater depth of understanding, it also can break the habit of "dojo group think" whereas 'your' aikido is only really effective in 'your dojo'. But without breaking out of that mold or unquestioningly taking what is given to you. The student will never really "strip away" to the basic unifying principle that connects aikido techniques. The gift is the same regardless of how you wrap it up. Sadly, I feel as if we have drifted somewhat away from cross training, and put more emphasis on student instructor loyalty.

Dan Hover

of course that's my opinion, I could be wrong
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