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Re: Losing grip during katate dori

Jun Akiyama wrote:
Personally, I think that there is oftentimes too much emphasis on placing the "blame" on uke to keep the connection. I've had my fingers wrenched a few too many times while I've been uke when my partner moves in such a way that would, in a "natural" situation, break the grip. When such a situation arises these days, I'll let the grip break but will usually try to keep connection through tegatana or some other part of my body.

Tangentially, just as I don't want to have a "death grip" when I'm nage, I sure don't want to have such as uke.

Just my thoughts.

-- Jun
Hi Jun, I agree. A good test of whether you are levering the uke based on his strength of grip or are really establishing musubi or connection, is to have the uke grab you strongly and then ask him to open his hand. You should still be able to do most techniques. If one cannot, one is almost certainly pulling at some point and that was what was breaking the grip.

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