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Re: Losing grip during katate dori

Just wanted to add something here. Gripping a nage should be done as an attack. But for the beginning, just hold the intention and don't follow up with an attack. Now, nage will respond by blending with the attack. If he blends wrongly, your grip would slip because that is your natural reaction. That is not uke's fault but nage's fault.

However, in the beginning, nage is trying to learn to maintain connection/musubi with uke. So he will make mistakes. Thus, uke should try as much as possible to hold on. Even having done that, your grips still slips, then nage needs more practice. Thats my take.

Some however would say, that releasing a grip on nage is tantamount to allowing nage to attack uke with his freed hand. Yes thats true, vice versa too. So forget about that. Your objective as nage would be to achieve total control of uke by blending with his attack (grip in this instance) fully in that he is not able to consciously escape your movement. Any conscious attempt to escape at any point in time will result in nage being able to take uke down.

Hope that helps.

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