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Re: What is Weight Transfer(Taijuuidou)??

Robert John wrote:
So how do you still do Kotegaeshi on someone that it seems like you haven't got kuzushi on?
If you don't have kuzushi you don't continue with the Kotegaeshi, you do a different technique. That technique is dependent on the direction uke is exerting the force of the resistance. Aikido is not a battle of your force against uke's force. You blend in with the direction that uke's mass and acceleration is already taking him/her.

Which is where I see more value to what you and Mike and others are talking about internal strength. I think that what you are saying is more applicable to uke's attack and what is going on with uke's body. If you understand where uke's balance and power is, then you can match your Aikido technique to it, not confront it with your own power.

This is not to say that your ideas are not effective in an striking, kicking art, but my understanding about Aikido is more to do with knowing how to use uke's balance and power against him and not nage's power.

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